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Dear Client, our team is doing everyhting possible to make sure that you will fully enjoy your time in the sea with our boat. Before the rent, one of our instructors will explain you the boat, the most important information to know and give advice about your possible route.
Our boats are also equipped with instruction manual with pictures and map of the nearby coast of the island.
To get even better prepared, we suggest you to get aquainted with the information on our website. Here you will find instruction video and questions (with answers) which are often asked by our customers.

Dear Client, before you rent a boat, you will be requested to sign a rental contract. If possible, we advise you to read the contract before. In this case you don't have to do it in the harbor, and it will save time for paperwork and let you start enjoying your time in the sea as soon as possible.
Here you can find contract forms in different languages.

Download contract in English




During high season the times of rent are fixed. Sometimes during low season flexible hours are possible, but please, ask and confirm it while booking.

The maximum capacity of the boat is 6 persons, including children and baby's, but it also depends on the weight of passengers and their belongings, which can not be in total more then 400 kg. We can not ask you your weigth as well as we can not and we don't measure and watch or control all things that you are carrying on board, so please be responsible and consider it before making a reservation and preparing for your trip.

Driving a boat is not difficult if you consider some basics. You can watch our instruction video on the website or ask us demonstrate it to you. A boat has no gears, only forward and backwards. It does not go fast in comparison with a car. On open waters you can go fast but in harbors, near the coast and in caves you should go slow.

Yes it is safe. But like with a car it also depends on the responsibility of the captain. Our boats are of the maximum lenght that is allowed for lisence free boats. Most of the boats have extensive saftey equipment such as: double fuel tanks, gps tracking system, teak anti slip floors, extra protection around the boat, anchor with chain. Their is a propellor guard installed. Most important for safety is to keep enough distance (about 50 meters) from the coast and to go slow in harbors, caves and when approaching the coast.

You can go wherever you want as long as you don't go more than 2 miles from the coast. When you leave you will also get route suggestions from us with and a map. Normally we suggest people to sail to the south, for people from Cala Bona that means in the direction of Porto Cristo and for the people from Porto Cristo in the direction of Cala d'Or. Watch some photos of the surroundings. Download the route map (pdf).

It depends on the time of your rent and the boat. Even during short 2 hour trip you can visit such nice places as Cala Petita or Cala Varques from Porto Cristo and Cala Millor/Sa Coma/Cala Morlanda from Cala Bona. If you rent for half a day or full day, you of course can explore more of the coastline, only please watch the distance and time, so you are not being late to the harbor.

We ask a certain amount as a safety deposit for the boat. If there is damage to the boat, that is not covered with insurane (for example, anchor lost, fender lost, bimini broken, damaged propguard/engine etc), we will have to take the respectful amount out of deposit. If you are coming late, the extra time of rent will be also charged from your deposit.

Yes, all our boats are full risk insured. The own risk equals your deposit. Like with every insurance when there is deliberate damage you are not covered. That is the case with drinking, accesive behavior.

When you pay deposit amount by card, it is "blocked" on the machine until all the transactions are sent to the bank. When the transaction is cancelled, your money is unblocked. In 99% of the cases there are no problems with return and those transactions are even not shown on your bank statements. However, about 2 or 3 times during a season (so, even much less then 1 %), some of our clients report to us that the money still has been charged and the return takes longer time. The reason of this is ususally the conditions of your bank account or your bank's policy. Which, unfortunately, we can not do anything about. If this happens, please contact your bank - your call is usually enough to authorise the return.

The most important rules, that you have to remember are the following: 1. the maximum allowed speed in harbors is 2 knotts, that is about 3,5 km per hour which is nearly equall to slow walking speed. If you doubt, please, drive with the boat as slow as possible. Harbor authorities watch it carefully and you can get fined for overspeeding 2. do not cross the swimming area, which is marked with yellow buoys. 3. driving in or out of the harbor, keep the right side (just like with car).

You will need to have your valid ID (passport, ID card) and if you rent a boat which requires license, then you need to have your license with you too.

We provide maps with our boats where landmarks are clearly pointed out. Best is too keep orienting yourself on these landmarks. It is also possible to use navigation on your smartphone or download a navigation app (link to app will follow).